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See Fans Showing Bush Baring Trend With Their Own Flare – HypeAvenue.com


Amber Rose reintroduced the world to ‘the bush’ with the revealing crotch shot she posted to social media on June 9. Though the pic was removed, it motivated fans to proudly bare their own flare and started the #AmberRoseChallenge. Warning: This post contains explicit photos.

Amber Rose, 33, is most definitely a trendsetter, and her latest trend has become so popular it is actually pushing people to go outside their comfort zone in the name of female empowerment. The model — who took to Instagram on June 9 to post a pic of her half naked body, which completely exposed her “bush” — has motivated other women (and men) to post their own crotch shots for the #AmberRoseChallenge. SEE AMBER’S CROTCH SHOT HERE.

Many of the pics (which can be seen in the gallery above) are totally tame and actually pretty hilarious, with fans using everything from wigs to pineapples to act as their “bush,” but a few are the real deal. It seems Amber’s followers definitely had strong enough opinions about her pic that they wanted to imitate her. Some thought it was trashy and others fabulous, but most agreed that it was a bold decision. .

Though Amber’s pic was pulled due to Instagram’s nudity policy, she maintains it was an important move to help “bring back the bush,” as she explained in the caption of her response video — which showed her rolling her eyes at the app’s decision. “Amber posted it because she wanted to provide an alternative body image from the usual stick-thin model types young girls are subjected to seeing day in and day out,” an insider close to Amber reveals. “Amber loves her curves, and she wants to encourage other women and girls to love theirs too. She’s all about body positivity.” The model is also known for promoting female empowerment through her annual SlutWalk — a march in downtown LA dedicated to anti-slut shaming.


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