10 Struggles Kids Who Lived In Compound Houses Can Relate


Compound House are the most common types of accommodations in Ghana.

They comprise of a compound with a couple of single room, chamber and hall, or self-contain apartments.

Living in this type of environment has it’s advantages as well as disadvantages.

As a kid in a compound house, you get to go through a lot. Either you’re beaten by just any adult in the house for a wrong doing, or you get blamed for something someone else did just because you’re a child and people will believe.

Below are 10 struggles only kids who live or lived in compound houses can relate.

1. Everybody Can Send You On An Errand

You have parents but once you’re a kid in a compound house, you practically become everyone’s property. If an older tenant wants to buy something and you’re around, he/she will send you. Pretty much anybody can send you and there’s absolutely nothing you can do.

angry someway bi


2. You Become Everyone’s Issue

No matter what you do, you’re everybody’s issue or concern. Do the wrong thing and everyone can query you, do the right thing and everyone will praise you. When you return home from school and your parents are at work, tenants in the house will keep an eye on you. No matter what you do in the absence of your parents, they’ll hear about it because someone is always watching you.

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3. Everyone Can Beat You

Just like how everyone can send you on an errand, everyone can also beat you. Make the wrong move and any adult tenant can discipline you.



4. Every Punishment You Receive From Your Parents Becomes Public Knowledge

There are times you wish what goes on between you and your parents can remain between you guys alone but that’s not the case with compound house setups. Every single thing your parents do to you, everyone gets to know about it.

Photo: Benjamin Rusnak

Photo: Benjamin Rusnak


5. You Tend To Do More House Chores

In every compound house, chores are shared or scheduled between tenants so you take care of it when it’s your turn but unfortunately, when you’re a child in a compound house, you get to carry out chores every other day.

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6. No Freedom/Privacy Cos Everybody Is Watching You

You can’t hide in a compound house even if you’re an adult how much more a kid that everyone feels belongs to the whole household? People monitor your movements, check when you go out, when you come in, what friends you brought from school, the friends you play with etc.

ozo kyeiwaa angry ozorkwor


7. You Can’t Play Without Being Abused For Disturbing

What an adult will do in a compound house and get away with it, you can’t do and get away with it as a child. You can’t play without another tenant rebuking you for making so much noise. Half the time, this wouldn’t even be true but just because you’re a child, they feel they need to rebuke you some how.

kid fun laugh play ghanaposts


8. Anything You Do Can Be Misinterpreted To Mean Disrespect

We all have different ways of reacting to things and even though most times they are not meant to be disrespectful, they turn out to be so. As a child in a compound house, when you react to anything, it can be interpreted as you being disrespectful.

Photo: OneLoveWorldwide/Instagram

Photo: OneLoveWorldwide/Instagram


9. Any Bad Thing Is Blamed On You

Adults are some deceptive bunch especially when there are kids around. They do something bad and later blame it on kids. In a compound house, every bad thing is placed on the door step of kids.

Image: WhiteFuseMedia

Image: WhiteFuseMedia


10. You Get Introduced To Different Things Including Social Vices

This is like the biggest challenge for kids in compound house, exposure to negative things and social vices. The tendency of picking up a bad behaviour, character, vices in a compound house, are very high since you get exposed to people with different backgrounds.

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