Can’t wait for people to hear you this bare, says Nandi Madida about Zakes’ upcoming album

TshisaLIVE | 2016-10-28 12:41:44.0

Nandi Madida gushes over her man, Zakes Bantwini.
Image by: Cedric Nzaka

As Zakes Bantwini prepares to release his long-awaited album next month, his wife, Nandi Madida commended him for being “brave” in his upcoming music offering.

Taking to Instagram on Friday morning, the singer and TV personality revealed that for the first time, Zakes was unafraid to bare his soul and speak his truth while creating his forthcoming album, which she described as his “most personal work”.

Nandi subsequently applauded him for that, given how private Zakes is.

“Next month you release your most personal work in the form of an album. Releasing this album is so brave of you especially because you are so private and are awaiting another beautiful blessing,” she wrote alongside a picture of Zakes.

“This is your truth. Can’t wait for people to hear you this bare, real and vulnerable.”

A pregnant Nandi, who may be about to pop, added that in addition to waiting for Zakes’ album, they are also waiting to welcome their little “precious” bundle of joy.

“As we await two of your precious gifts next month and this year.. YOUR ALBUM AND A PRECIOUS NEW LIFE.”


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