Distruction Boyz on Omunye ‘theft’

distruction boyz

Distruction Boyz have maintained their innocence in the face of a forensic copyright investigation which apparently concluded the track was stolen‚ claiming that the song was theirs and they would fight the allegations.

A City Press report claimed the group’s summer smash hit Omunye was the same as DJ LAG’s Trip to New York released three months before Omunye.

Distruction Boyz claimed that they purchased the song from DJ Mphyd and denied that he had copied the beat from DJ LAG.

“The guy who sold us the beat told us that he produced it and he did not even know DJ LAG. LAG posted a 30 second teaser of the song on Instagram but this guy doesn’t even have Instagram. How can we copy the song from an Instagram video‚” the group’s Zipho “Goldmax” Mthembu told TshisaLIVE.

He said the group was saddened by the claims and said it was an attempt to steal some of their shine.

“We are so sad. This is our song. This is our biggest song. We created the song from scratch. People have been dancing to this song for months. How come it is being questioned now?


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