WHEN Tshepo Ramabu (30) and his girlfriend parted ways in 2014, his 4-5 decided to go to sleep and it has not woken up since.

He has been to doctors, prophets and sangomas, but none has been able to help.

Now Tshepo, who lives in Boekenhout, Tshwane, has reached out to Pastor Paseka “Mboro” Motsoeneng for help.

Tshepo said after his 4-5 stopped working he called his former girlfriend and told her what was happening.

“She told me she went to a sangoma and asked for muthi that would make my 4-5 sleep,” he said.

“She said the curse was punishment for breaking up with her and she might come back to me if her new relationship fails.”

He said that doctors told him to change his diet and exercise more.

Sangomas and prophets gave him advice and traditional medicine, but nothing worked.

“I have spent R10 000 on doctors and sangomas,” said Tshepo.

“I have had the prettiest girls in my room with no clothes on, but still my 4-5 just dozes off.”

Tshepo said he had seen videos of pastor Mboro healing people.

“I hope he can heal me too.

“I am too young to go without sex,” he said.

Pastor Mboro told Daily Sun Tshepo should visit his church.

“We will pray for him.

“We are not magicians, but through God miracles happen.

“He needs to trust in Him so he can get help,” he said.

Sangoma Makgonatjohle Seaparo said Tshepo’s former girlfriend might have used a lock or okapi to curse him.

“He must find the woman and convince her to unlock the lock or open the okapi, otherwise he will need the help of a strong sangoma.”


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