Going back to school? Here’s how to get an A+


Going back to school? Here's how to get an A+These days it’s becoming more and more common for adults over 25 to go back to university, either with a view to upskilling themselves in their current roles or changing their careers altogether. If you’ve been considering studying either part-time or full-time, bearing these useful tips in mind could help make the process that much easier.

Plan your finances 

If your parents paid for your education the first time round, tertiary education fees could come as quite a shock. Luckily there are a number of options open to you. Check to see if there are any grants or bursaries available for your area of study, apply for a loan if it’s within your budget or defer your studies for a while until you’ve saved up the necessary funds. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. 

Schedule your time 

Being a student when you’re young is a full-time job. Being a student when you’re an adult often has to fit around your full-time job, which can cause stress and anxiety. Balance your life and your studies by blocking out time in your schedule for classes and at-home work, the same way as you would for a meeting. Having dedicated time for studying will help lessen the feeling of being overwhelmed, and allow you to be more productive and focused. 

Get some sleep 

Pulling all-nighters in your teens was part of student life; working round the clock as an adult, however, can have a hugely negative effect on your concentration and anxiety levels, not to mention your physical health. Make sure you get enough sleep to help you cope with your studies and your daily responsibilities, and try not to leave all your learning till the last minute. 

Ask for help 

Having a support system in place is a necessary part of life – even more so when adding the pressure of studying to your daily routine. Let your partner or friends know that you may need to lean on them a little more than usual, and prepare them for the fact that you might not be able to do as much socially for a while. You could also look at setting up study groups with your classmates or reaching out to other adult learners who understand your particular challenges. The stronger your support structure, the stronger your foundation for success will be! 

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