How to date without the weight gain


How to date without the weight gainIt’s a tale as old as time. Boy meets girl, boy and girl start dating, girl slowly but surely gains weight. Uh-oh! If this sounds familiar, stress not. Relationship weight gain is an actual thing, which means that a) you’re not alone, and b) there are plenty of tools you can use to ensure you stay slim and trim from your first date to your 50th.

Be honest 

While we wouldn’t recommend leading with your twice-a-day CrossFit compulsion, there’s nothing wrong with making your goals and interests known early on. If healthy eating and regular exercise are important to you, weave it into your conversation and let your date know that flowers are a better bet than chocolates. 

Get moving 

Believe it or not, it is possible for couples to exercise together and enjoy it, too – you just have to be clever in your approach. Going for sundowners? Take a walk on the beach first. Planning a Sunday lunch? A short hike will help you work up an appetite. And if you show your partner just how much you appreciate their participation, they’ll be more likely to keep joining you.

Watch your portions 

It’s incredibly irritating, but in general, men are able to eat more than women and get away with it – which means if you start matching his portions, you’re the one who’ll end up gaining weight. Be aware of how much you’re dishing up, use smaller plates for your meals, have healthy snacks on hand and you’ll keep fitting into your favourite jeans with ease. 

Cook up a storm 

It’s natural for you to eat and drink more as part of a couple than as a singleton – there’s so much going out to be done! Avoid this pitfall by suggesting indoor date nights as an alternative, and cook a healthy meal together once or twice a week. You’ll save money along with kilojoules and be that much closer to the couch for some post-meal snuggling. 

Keep to your routine 

As much as doing things together is awesome, having time apart is just as important for a healthy relationship. If you already have an exercise routine in place, make sure you keep going to your Monday night spin class or Wednesday morning boot camp. You’ll stay true to your own priorities and stay connected to your individuality, too. 

How damaging are lies to a relationship, and is honesty always really the best policy? We take a look, here.


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