Mpumalanga Prophet sells ‘Pieces of the body of Jesus’ in plastic box

Mpumalanga Prophet sells ‘Pieces of the body of Jesus’ in plastic box

The founder and leader of ZZX ministries Prophet Malaulau is alleged to have launched the “body of Jesus”. According to the unconfirmed reports, the body is being cut into smaller pieces and sold in 1-kg and 2-kg plastic boxes .

One congregant who confessed to be a loyal member of ZZX ministries revealed that the blood heals every calamity and problems & which is real body of Jesus which was cloned when at Calvary when the Son of God was crucified.

“As the true followers of the prophet we don’t really care what people will say, we understand this revelation as a ministry (ZZX family), people are on the move to drag our prophet’s name into disrepute but God elevated him to address our problems.

“The body of Jesus is being sold at our worship center the smallest containers 1KG are costs R5000 and the 2KG boxe costs R10000. We don’t care about the price but the results, as we are speaking the Body of Jesus has resurrected reported twenty seven(27) people and healed thousands since yesterday.

Efforts to get a comment from ZZX spokesperson were fruitless, since he is reported to be in Giyane for a crusade.


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