room to poke

SCREAMS of passion are no longer heard in KwaNdokwenza, Port Elizabeth. Residents said the lack of space in their RDPs is putting out the fire in their bedrooms and they cannot poke freely anymore.

Members of the community have nicknamed the houses ovezinyawo, which means “the place where feet hang outside”.

Andiswa Patros (42) told Daily Sun: “Living in these RPDs is like living in a matchbox.

“I share this one-roomed house with my husband and teenage daughters.

“There is no privacy so my husband and I can’t even make love. We have to wait for our kids to fall asleep, but even then the sex is not good because we are worried the kids might catch us.

“We’ve resorted to building a backyard shack for our son but our daughters sleep indoors with us.

“I moved here in 2013 after the municipality promised to build bigger houses.

“If I had moved here earlier I would not have made children because these houses are too small for poking.

“During election season, political parties always promise us they will rebuild our houses.

“But nothing has been done yet.”

Nelson Mandela Bay mayoral spokesman Sibongile Dimbaza said they were not aware of the one-roomed RDPs.

He said: “At the moment our focus is on people who don’t have homes.

“We don’t have a policy to renovate these one-roomed houses.”


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