Not keen on a gift registry? We’ve got just the thing!

Not keen on a gift registry? We’ve got just the thing!

It’s probably not polite to admit to it, but wedding gifts are totally one of the best parts of getting married (after your partner and your dress of course). But what if you already have everything you need for your together home? Do you have to skip out the gift bit completely? Say it isn’t so! Luckily with these alternative gift registry ideas, you can still rake in the loot and get exactly what you’re looking for at the same time.

1 Come fly with me

You know how you’ve always wanted to jet off to Bali or Egypt or Timbuktu for your honeymoon? Now your guests can help you get there! Set up a special gift bank account, or use one of your existing ones, and ask your guests to make donations towards your dream getaway. After all, china eventually breaks, but memories made in China last a lifetime.

2 Shopaholics anonymous

OK, so you don’t need towels and sheets and flatware. But you do need the odd bit of crockery, you’d love to replace your curtains, and ooh look, the new Jamie Oliver cookbook’s just come out! Rather than setting up a registry for odds and ends, ask your guests to give you vouchers for a specific shopping mall instead. Then get set to shop till you drop!

3 Give a little love

You might not need gifts and money but there are always others who do. If there’s a charity that’s close to your heart, why not ask your guests to make a donation in your name instead? Include the details on your wedding invites, and they’ll be able to make someone’s day, in honour of your special day.

4 Home improvement

Your house may already have everything you need on the inside, but what about the outside? If you’ve been thinking of renovations or extensions, this is the perfect opportunity to crowdsource the funds and tools you need. Ask guests to donate towards your new and improved home, then invite them round to celebrate once it’s complete. Cheers!

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