Prophet’s dogs caught on camera withdrawing money at the ATM machine


Prophet’s dogs caught on getting cash at the ATM machine

A south africa controversial prophet who is known for his miracles signs and wonders has done it again. A shocking video of his dogs withdrawing cash at the ATM machine without cards is making rounds on social media.

When police were investigating the unusual matter the prophet spokesperson said
“it was a miracle withdrawal and it was Angels of the Lord in a form of a dog like when the holy spirit came upon Jesus in the form of a dove, you don’t have to worry about it is not a big deal. Spiritual matters break the law because they are supernatural and you can’t understand them”

A case of robbery has been open by the bank because the dogs withdrawn the money without atm cards and one of the witness from the bank who is a follower of the prophet said ‘maybe it was ewallet or something of that nature’.

The prophet will also be charged for the misbehaving of his dogs because its unusual and unlawful for dogs to participate in sensitive matters like getting cash by the ATM.


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